List of African resources for children

Sat, 27 Feb 2021


African resources for children

Moderated by LM Daini/ Kyja


“Let’s create a database/directory for all the good resources (mainly on African history for children), that we have come across”


Speaker introduction

LM.Daini (Leine Marie) - Teacher and host of Giraffe's Eggs and other African Tales (podcast telling folktales in English and French) wrote a book in the African folktale style, available on Amazon. Currently creating activities and lessons to go with African Folktales.



This is a collection created by many people over ClubHouse and Instagram.




Collated lists of African Children's writers: 


LM.Daini's mentions:

Ekiuwa Aire (Queen Idia of Benin, Qeen Njinga of Angola)

Christine Mapondera-Tally (The Makanaka series)

Yeve Sibanda (Philisa Creatives - My First Book of Shona & Ndebele Words

Dele & Louisa Olafui (Kunda Kids- Little Kings and Queens series)


Favorite Children’s Authors of African Descent

Floella Benjamin - from Trinidad, Black British, wrote about coming to England From Trinidad, related to key stage one, picture books, spoke about the flavors of Trinidad, the daily life there, about being a part of two cultures.

Mallory Blackman - British: Noughts and Crosses (book. There is also a TV show based on her work.

Trevor Noah - Born A Crime - autobiography - funny and touching, Bi-cultural identity.

Misty Copeland - Life In Motion - tells the story of one of America’s most famous ballerinas.

Jaqueline Woodson’s books - many are autobiographical

Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart - recognizable words and phrases and cultural touchpoints from Nigeria - so important; many read when they were young, asked for help with unfamiliar pronunciations

JF Odunjo - books in Yoruba, had illustrations, attractive to a child/young person, even for a reader who didn’t have full fluency in Yoruba. (Moral tales)

Virginia Hamilton: African American Folklorist

Wole Soyinka

Hassan Makombo (Book: Shambani kwa Babu )

Kwame Nyong’o

Bontekanye Botumile

Chinua Achebe

Cyprian Ekwensi

Amos Tutuola

Zukiswa Wanner

Dr Naomi Kipury (folklorist)

Ngugi waThiongo

Rose Wangui (Kikuyu Tales)


Diaspora Folklore

Jamaica (Anansi) 

African American 


Stories of African Descent